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Bookcase by Breuer: Elegance and Solidity

Actually you can find the bookcase by breuer in different colors, so you can adapt this bookcase to every kind of room: indeed the most important characteristic of this bookcase is the adaptability, joined with an high level of usability. Above all for its usability the bookcase by breuer in various colors shows its best side: indeed, thanks to minimalist style and to the solid framework of this object (this bookcase is made with a tubular steel framework and on this framework are screwed in the wooden tops) this bookcase can perform its task.

This bookcase offers various solid tops where you can put, with the maximum security, books or other objects.
Marcel Breuer was one of the great pioneers of tubolarsteel chair design, and as early as 1925 he had invented a series of system employing continuosly bent steel tubes to form the structural frames of stools, chair and tables. His "Wassily" chair of the same year, which is still in production today, was the first chair in tubolar steel, and has become a classic of modern design.

Although Breuer early student work, and even the "Wassilily" chair with its daring spatial arrangement, show the influence of the aesthetics of the Stijl and Constructivism, his interest soon shifted to a more practical concern with standardisation and economical mass-production.

The Hungarian designer and architect joined the Bauhaus movement founded by Walter Gropius in 1920 where he will be a student, a professor and finally the director of the Furniture department. In 1937, he escaped Nazi Germany and settled in the United States with Walter Gropius where he frantically developed his architectural activity. Whereas he aimed to affirm his buildings' presence in the environment, he privileged effacement for his design creations with no ornamentation, light structures and a focus on emptiness.

And the accurate study of materials is one of the most important  characteristic of the bookcase by breuer: all the works of the Hungarian architect were preceded by long study on the use of the tubular steel (the first time that Marcel Breuer used this material was for the Wassilly chair in 1925). The tubular steel could give lightness and solidity to furniture built with this material at the same time.

And at the same time this bookcase is solid and got a modern and linear style (following the rule of Modernism, an artistic movement of which Marcel Breuer was one of the most important proponent). This style doesn’t left space to useless decoration, but has the task to give to the bookcase user the maximum utility.

So if you choose the bookcase by breuer for your home or office, you can find a bookshelf in different colors: surely you will find the one that is adapt to your room and it will give a touch of elegance to every ambient. And also you will find a solid bookcase, that you can use for all your books (also the heavier and bigger) or for different objects: a piece of history design, linear and elegant.

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