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Table by Le Corbusier: a Star in the Dining Room

There are some pieces of furniture that can give a touch of elegance and uniqueness at every room and space: the dining table by le Corbusier is part of this narrow circle of furniture objects. The objects projected and made by the Swiss designer follow precises’ stylistic canons and the dining table by le Corbusier perfectly reflects these rules. Indeed in this dining table Le Corbusier realized the theory for the beauty stays in the repetition of geometric lines, always simple and linear.

In 1929 at the Salon d‘Autumne in Paris, Le Corbusier and his team of designers presented a revolutionary collection of furniture that stunned the city. Among the pieces was the ethereal yet bold LC6 Table (1928), a mathematically refined structure of steel and glass that has become one of the most important International Style tables of the 20th century. Made of aeronautical steel, the base is welded for a seamless finish with sculpted angles and smooth, mitered corners

The legendary designer Le Corbusier took his inspiration from his architecture background. His highly functional minimalist style was one of the most influential during the modern mid-century movement. While he was most famous for his chairs, the table that inspired the Le Corbusier Dining Table - LC6 remains a classic.

And for this table Le Corbusier choses some particular materials: this material further valorize his work. Le Corbusier used iron pipes with elliptical shape , (the same pipes that were used for made the airplanes  in the last century) and a glass top. Using these materials the Swiss designer gained for the dining table by le Corbusier the result to melt simplicity and stylistic elegance with innovative materials.

Early in his career, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier, was met with some resistance to his work. Owing to its alleged "revolutionary" nature and the radical look it acquired from its "purist" form. In time, however, it won the recognition it deserved and is still widely admired.

With the realization of the dining table by le Corbusier, the Swiss designer appeared forefront in 1929, and gone to upset the classic style (the style that was dominant in the field of furniture). And the result gained by Le Corbusier with this table is that he created a classic piece in history furniture. And this table maintains till present day its style and imagine, almost a century after its creation.

The LC6 Table  can be used as a classic dining table, but also serves many other purposes and creates a stylish atmosphere with its elegant charisma. You can also utilize it as an office or conference table.
The frame of the LC6 Table is made of steel and provides a solid stand. The table top is made of crystal glass and seems to be floating above the frame, which makes it look especially elegant and lightweight. The highlight: LC6 is adjustable in height and thus perfectly adapts to your needs.
If you choose the dining table by le Corbusier for your home or office, you will buy not only a modern and elegant table, but also a piece of history design, that will give a unique style to your room.

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